A Monster Calls

Imaginary Forces - Apaches entertainment

Role: Design

While interning at Imaginary Forces, I had the opportunity to work with Karin Fong on designing this title sequence. I used a combination of practical ink spills and photoshop painting to create all the design frames. I left before things were animated / color was added.

If I can find my original PSD’s from this i’ll upload them.

Creative Directors: Karin Fong, Grant Lau

Producer: Nicole Zschiesche

Editor: Zach Kilroy

Animators: Thomas McMahan, Ben Hurand, Chadwick Halbritter, Glenn Amonitti, Gabriel Perez, Justin Mays

Flame Artists: Rod Basham, Eric Mason

Design Interns: Austin Hyde, Chloe Choi, Suzanne Porush

Director of Photography: Dan Kanes